CTT surface treatment capability
Anodize、Plating、Nickel plating、Chrome plating、Tin plating、Titanium plating、Copper plating、Gold plating、Silver plating、Galvanizing、Blackening、PVD、Vacuum plating、Electroforming、 Polishing、Hot dip galvanizing、Coating、Sand blasting、Polishing、Passivation、Heat treatment.
-Bonding can design processes according to customer needs

Ability of CTT processed materials
Processing materials: titanium、 stainless steel、 aluminum alloy、 steel、 copper、 plastic、 rubber、 etc.
Molding process: forging、 stamping、 casting、 extrusion、 metal injection、 plastic injection、 MIM、 surface treatment、 etc.
– Combine various technologies to integrate information and mold design and development capabilities
– Provide technical integration for various processes

CNC precision parts processing equipment
-DMG MORI NLX1500 CNC Milling & Turning Integrated Machine
-Miyano Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe
-Citizen Swiss-Type CNC Lathe
-Dual Spindle Type CNC Lathe
-DMG MORI EVO 60 5 Axis Milling Center
-DMG MORI 3 Axis Milling Center
-3-Axis CNC Vertical M/C
-4-Axis CNC Vertical M/C
-4.5-Axis CNC Vertical M/C
-Laser engraving