CTT has three certifications [ISO9001,ISO13485,AS9100]
Deliver superiority and provide professional processing services to customers in various industries

Industry products are related to aerospace、medical、automobile、microwave communication、automation、optics、locomotive、bicycle、electronic parts、LCD panel、semiconductor、textile,etc.
Providing processing services in combination with processing technology of casting、forging、stamping、extrusion、plastic and rubber molding through professional CNC lathe and milling machine equipment.
In addition,the use of various special materials such as titanium、stainless steel、aluminum alloys、steel、copper、aluminum、plastics and rubber.
Completely solve various industry problems


In order to provide customers with high quality processing parts, CTT obtained AS9100 and the aerospace industry. Aerospace parts processing. Factory “CNC milling machine” equipment and technology, can achieve the space industry for special material processing, special multi-angle processing and other high-tech level of demand, and to meet the space customers need special appearance and other high-level parts processing needs.

Medical materials

CTT’s primary focus is quality awareness and quality assurance, under ISO13485 certification, there are customers from the medical equipment industry. In the standards of medical requirements, CTT has a considerable level of technology to meet customer workpiece processing needs, stable, in line with special specifications of high-precision processing methods, the production of products in accordance with human body applications.


Provide through professional CNC turning and milling machine equipment: casting and forging, stamping, extrusion, plastic and rubber forming and other processing services
Plus the application of various special materials such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, rubber, etc.
For various automotive shock absorbers/suspension system parts, motorcycle appearance/handle/modified parts, bicycle lamps and lanterns/shock absorber parts/handle/modified parts,
And other optoelectronic parts…precision metal parts for diversified industrial applications, OEM development, production & manufacturing