CTT introduction Japanese and German (DMG MORI, CITIZEN, etc.) CNC 3 Axis/4 Axis/4.5 Axis/5  Axis machining machines.
Which contains
-DMG MORI CNC Milling & Turning Integrated Machine
-Miyano Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe
-Citizen Swiss-Type CNC Lathe
-Dual Spindle Type CNC Lathe
-DMG MORI EVO 60 5 Axis CNC Milling Center
-DMG MORI 3 Axis CNC Milling Center
-3 Axis/4 Axis/4.5-Axis CNC Vertical M/C

Specialized production in Aerospace parts, Motorcycle parts, Bicycle parts, E-bike parts, Automobile parts, Automation parts, Medical parts, Microwave communication parts, Optics parts, Electronic parts, LCD/Semiconductor parts, Textile parts, etc.

Quality awareness and quality assurance are the main focus of CTT.
The quality assurance is the key to corporate globalization!

CNC lathes CNC milling machine
DMG MORI NLX1500 Milling & Turning Integrated Machine DMG MORI EVO 60 5-Axis Milling Center
Miyano Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe DMG MORI 3-Axis Milling Center
Citizen Swiss-Type CNC Lathe 4.5-Axis CNC Vertical M/C
Dual Spindle Type CNC Lathe 4-Axis CNC Vertical M/C
3-Axis CNC Vertical M/C

Quality Inspection Equipment

Coordinate Measuring Machine Video Measuring System
Jingstone Calibration Center Precision Hole Gage
Digital Height Gauge Dial Gauge
Surface Roughness Tester

ISO 9001:2008

In order to provide our customers with better service and quality, Zhongteng set up ISO9001:2008 quality control system, and strive to pursue sustainable development.