CTT have [ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100] international quality certification.
We offer in [Precision Parts Manufacturing] and [Supply Chain Integration Services].

CTT’s OEM parts used in E-bike parts, Aerospace related parts, Microwave communication equipment parts, Medical device parts, Automotive parts, Motorcycle parts, Modified parts, Bicycle parts, Optical parts, Semi-conductor parts, Hardware parts, Machinery components, Fastener, Transportation component, CNC parts, Extrusion parts, Micro precision parts.

CNC equipment manufacturing
OEM/ODM, technical engineering, CNC 5-axis machining, CNC turning and milling combined machining, CNC 3-axis machining, CNC 4-axis machining, CNC4.5-axis machining, CNC milling machine machining, CNC lathe processing, laser processing, surface processing, CNC cutting lathe processing, CNC centering lathe processing, CNC lathe automatic feeding processing

Supply Chain Integration
Process design for Stamping, Plastic molding, Rubber molding, Silicone molding, Forging, casting, Extrusion, Metal injection, Surface treatment and Powder metallurgy

Offer special materials
Titanium alloy processing, Aluminum alloy processing, Stainless steel processing, Copper alloy processing, Special steel processing, Tool steel processing, Iron processing, General plastic processing, Engineering plastic processing, PEEK processing, Teflon processing