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CTT, established in 2005, is a precision parts manufacturer located in Taichung, Taiwan. All of CTT’s products are made in Taiwan to ensure high-quality goods for our clients.

At CTT’s facility, 24-hour-operated milling and lathing machines produce parts in a wide range for customers globally. CTT also has assembly lines for assembling components and finished products. In addition to machining metal parts, integration services are also a main business for CTT. We provide multiple processing options, such as forging, casting, and stamping, in various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, etc., to meet our clients’ requirements.

CTT’s product range covers a wide variety of industries and applications, including low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite, aerospace, medical equipment, automotive, motorcycles, bicycles, climbing cams, crossbows, semiconductors parts, electronic parts, metal earphone housings, professional metal housings and optical monitoring camera structural parts, etc. Whether you require custom-made components or standard parts, we have the expertise and experience necessary to provide you with the best possible solutions.

CTT operates a 24-hour facility producing machined parts. Additionally, we offer integration services with our supply chain for various products. All of our products are made in Taiwan.”

In addition to spare parts, we also manufacture assembled products.

Typically, based on expected mass production orders, we accept small initial orders and sample requests. For more details, please contact us for a better understanding

We have clients from USA, Germany, Japan, France, Switzerland, and more.

The more detailed information we receive, the more accurate quotation we can provide. Typically, we require the following: (1) technical drawings, (2) 3D files, (3) target price, (4) batch order quantity, annual quantity, etc.

We usually ask for a 50% deposit, and the remaining 50% before shipment.

The lead time depends on the type of product and the quantity ordered. Once we receive an official order, we will confirm the lead time with you.